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About The Follow Up Fred

Follow Up Fred is a chrome extension that will automate sending a reminder email to someone who does not reply to you. All you have to do is turn it on and let Follow Up Fred do all the hard work for you and once someone follows up then you reply and are one step closer to a sale. 

Signing Up Is Easy

Click on Sign in with Google button and grant us permission to send emails on your behalf.
Install the chrome extension
You send emails like normal and click on the big follow up button to turn on Follow Up Fred.
You sit back and watch Follow Up Fred do all the following up for you.





Follow Up Fred was created by Chris Hickman, who owns a very successful advertising agency called Adficient. Adficient was placed in the Inc 500 (#361) for the fastest growing companies in the United States. 

About the creator... 

Chris Hickman